Label: Hot Charity, XL
Released: November 6

Wiki made his mark earlier this year with his raw and aggressive song/video for "Wikispeaks." He was shockingly nice, and the production banged like a beat you might have heard on an episode of Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito's underground radio show during the mid-'90s.

Wiki's buzz caught fire, and his 1993 project was heavily praised. XL Recordings signed him and his band RATKING, and they re-released 1993 as Wiki93 after re-working the production a bit and re-recording the lyrics.

Wiki93 was the world's proper introduction to Ratking, a New York hip-hop group with a punk element that has a knack for making hard-hitting, lyrically-inclined rap records. It was like the spirit of the Beastie Boys intersecting with the sound of the Diplomats, embodied throughout seven, severing songs, all featuring Wiki catching mad wreck on the mic. Super ill. -DI