Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Doggystyle
Label: Death Row Records, Interscope Records, Atlantic Records

In his reprisal of the bassline from Funkadelic's "(Not Just) Knee Deep," Dre was not simply delivering on the public's demand for more Chronic, but rather expanding on what he saw as the fathomless possibility of George Clinton's groove. "What's My Name?" is essentially the same song as "Dre Day," but with hefty portions of Clinton's "Atomic Dog" interpolated into what was already an extraordinarily accommodating bassline.

It's hard to overstate just how hungry the public was for more Snoop in late 1993, and "What's My Name" delivered on all the potential star power of "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang." At a time when "Dre Day" still fresh in the memory of the American public, Snoop's solo debut single not only recharged the public's affection for the original song but deepened it.

It is rare that a rap star emerges so fully formed and yet so raw and unselfconscious. The song's momentum grows from the interplay between the monstrous bassline and the supple flow of the former Calvin Broadus, whose stage name alone was memorable enough to constitute the hookline of this eternal party starter.