Wale has had one of the more random, Frankenstein-styled careers in rap history. First he was a hipster darling on the Mixtape About Nothing. He was a streetwear fanatic. He was the savior of D.C. He made Go-Go raps, based on the genre of D.C.-derived funk music. He was a Lady Gaga collaborator. Now, he's an MMG artist. He releases strip club music with Waka Flocka ("No Hands"). It makes for a patchy, unexpected catalog, although not a bad one.

By the time his last album was released to considerable sales, it was evident that he'd managed to develop a solid fan base. But his haters unite around two basic issues: his relative lack of an identity is the first, a somewhat unfair assessment. Sure, there's a certain incoherence to his path, but there's also something endearing about the way he's managed to fall backwards into becoming a bankable name, even if it required an assist from Rick Ross.

The other characteristic his haters glom onto is his public persona. There was his ornery, passive-aggressive Twitter account, lashing out at haters, the "#classicalbum" tweets, the sour grapes about other buzzing artists in a recent MMG Vibe profile. He seems to have an acerbic streak despite his success, and nothing seems to draw more ire from the people who hate him.

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