Album: Detroit
Label: G.O.O.D. Music, Def Jam

“Matter of fact, Hit-Boy made the original version of that beat, but he gave it to Justin Bieber. That’s cool though. That’s a big album placement to me. Sean was like, ‘I really need another beat for this.’ I just re-made a whole nother beat, and it just seemed like a supremely great response on that too. It took me a minute to try and recreate that beat, because I didn’t want to listen to the ‘Right Here’ joint, because I didn’t want that to confuse or distract where I wanted to go with the beat. I just didn’t listen. Every other week I just tried different ideas, and I came across it and added some drums. Then No I.D. gave me some great insight on how to do the drums on it. Everything just came out great. I really enjoyed that process, because I got to hear insight from No I.D. on how to make that song sound good production wise.

“I met J. Cole in the studio months earlier. I don’t if that song was recorded at that time—I think it was. But yeah, I met J. Cole several months ago. He’s pretty cool.”

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