Album: Ridin' High
Label: Bad Boy South

DJ Toomp: “I first met 8ball and MJG back in ’92, when they had that Coming Out Hard album. That’s the album with them sitting in the convertible Lexus with jheri curls. Around that time, me and my partner from Miami, we were starting our own label, and they had their own label, which was Suave House. This is back when Tony Draper use to actually hang out with them. He was the CEO of Suave House, and he use to show up at every concert and actually tour with the group. Me and the group just happened to meet because we had a show together—the energy was pretty cool.

“At this point, I know 8ball and MJG very well. Those my guys. But as it pertains to 'Worldwide' I was there when they came and got the track, but when the actual work was done, I wasn’t there. I don’t know what actually kept us from linking up and working together.

“So that track was another one of those technology placements. But it came out to be a great record. I wasn’t even thinking about the group when I made that record, that was just one of my tracks I had tucked away. That track was a good seven months old when they took it. Sometimes you can just go in the studio with a certain frame of mind and be like, 'Aight, I’m gon’ be in dirty south mode today.' Or like yesterday, I was in R&B mode and I made this cold R&B track. With 'Worldwide' I was just like, 'Let me make a hard beat.' And that’s how it came out.”