Album: Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II
Label: EMI, Ice H2O

The Alchemist: “Raekwon is the man. I didn’t think anyone would see the science behind that beat. It’s like when producers come through, certain producers, they see the science behind the beats because that’s what we do.

“Or there are some beats that all producers know or some beats that you only play for other producers because I don’t know if a rapper is gonna get it but I know you’re gonna get this. This is what we do. That was one of those.

“I never really pushed it on anybody cause it was part of that style. I remember playing it for K-Slay. I remember he liked it a lot and he wanted to use it for something and I was like, ‘Word?’ I remember anytime I played that for someone on a whim and they liked it it was like, ‘Okay dope.’ I didn’t know if it was like too styled out or too choppy or whatever.

“Then Rae heard it, I played it for him one day and he was like, ‘That’s it.’ Really? He was like, ‘Yo I get it.’ And I was like, aww man beautiful. And he did the right thing to it.”