New York artist J-Zone got in depth about his musical tastes with the folks over at ego trip recently. J-Zone shared a list of his 15 favorite 45s of all time, and it’s quite a collection. He mostly stick to the old soul singles with folks like Kool and the Gang, James Brown and tons of far more obscure artists making the list.

J-Zone explains his love of the 7” with the following quote:

I’ve always felt the 7” record embodies one aesthetic above all: grime. Throughout my earliest memories of record-hunting, I always saw 45s in bad shape, funky, and on a curb awaiting trash pick-up. And the ones that often grabbed my attention featured music never released on LP. It may have been spat on, pissed on by 6 foot rats and placed in a project elevator shaft for five years, but you bought it for $2 anyway, took it home, and put a lil’ alcohol on it. When you play it out today, it crackles, pops, and you know where the skip is, but that’s what 45s always were to me.

Check out the full list and see what J-Zone has to say about each track via the link below.

J-Zone's 15 Favorite 45s

[via Egotripland]