Last month during the Grammys, there were a barrage of performances that mixed and matched various muscial acts. While everyone was busy talking about Nicki Minaj's bizarre set, a different performance caught our attention; the medley of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and The Foo Fighters performing alongside David Guetta and deadmau5.

The hypocricy of Foo Fighters' frontman David Grohl insulting electronic music during his acceptance speech only to perform alongside Guetta and deadmau5 later aside, the performance marked an important milestone in the EDM movement because it was a huge look on one of music's biggest stages.

And yes, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is certainly a movement. At the forefront is not only acts like deadmau5 and Guetta, but also full blown stars like Diplo and Skrillex—all of whom are currently able to sell out venues across the globe and put on parties like you've never seen. 

That's why last month, a few days after the Grammys, Complex headed out to Webster Hall in New York City to see Dillon Francis rock the sold-out venue. Francis may not be a household name just yet, but his EP Something, Something Awesome dropped today, he is Diplo's protege, and he's signed to Skrillex's label. In other words, he just might be the next big thing in the biggest thing happening right now.

We caught up with Francis backstage at the show to find out, Who Is Dillon Francis? He told us about his sheltered upbringing, how he hooked up with Skrillex and Diplo, and why he loves Twitter so much....

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

[Be sure to catch Dillon Francis at SXSW. He's playing the Turntable FM Party on Thursday and the Rooftop Party w/ C3 on Friday.]

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