Jay-Z appears on GQ's December 2011 "Men of the Year" cover. The story features the 41-year-old rapper opening up about some of the things going on in his life. From putting out Watch The Throne with Kanye West to expecting a baby with Beyoncé, Hov's doing pretty well for himself, and seems to be in a comfortable place. Read the full story here, and check out few highlights below:

On arguing with Kanye while recording Watch The Throne:

“Only about what’s best for the song, which is great.”

“I think he just can’t help himself, he puts so much into everything, and he’s like, “you have to treat it like I treat it.’ It drives you crazy sometimes–like when you’ve put seventy-five versions of a snare on one song and he’s like, ‘No!’ and you’re like, “Come on, man.’”

On songs like "Otis" and "N****s In Paris" coming from a humble place: 

“It’s not, like, ‘We’re here! We’re balling harder than everybody.' It’s like ‘I’m shocked that we’re here.’ Still being amazed, still not being jaded. Having so much fun and then stopping and saying, ‘What are we doing here? How did we get here?’”

On the baby announcement: 

“It was actually Bey who wanted to [announce] it. You want to be in control of your life.” 

On losing his dad:

“If your dad died before you were born, yeah, it hurts—but it’s not like you had a connection with something that was real. Not to say it’s any better—but to have that connection and then have it ripped away was, like, the worst. My dad was such a good dad that when he left, he left a huge scar. He was my superhero.”

On if he will change diapers:

“Of course, of course. One hundred percent.”

When asked if he will be putting a car seat in the Maybach:

“Yeah,” Jay smiles. “Wouldn’t that be great? That would be a great picture.”

[via GQ]