The 50 Worst Rock Fails Of All Time

We already went down this road with the worst hip-hop fails, but rock music has been around twice as long, giving the genre's figureheads a lot more time to embarrass themselves. It also helps that the rock star lifestyle basically guarantees regular missteps. We're talking "African Child"-level failure. Come on, what would you do with a steady stream of drugs, money, women, and an out-of-control ego that the public reinforces every time your next record goes platinum? You'd probably get a few regrettable tattoos, fight with your best friends, and make some terrible choices with your music along the way, too. These fuck-ups paved the way for the modern cultural obsession that can turn a musician's ill decision into an Internet meme within hours. We recently worked with journalist Dave Bry to come up with a definitive list of these shortcomings. No one is exempt, either. From punchline-worthy targets of the late '90s rap-rock era to some of the most revered legends, everyone screws up. Wanna find out who? Crank that proverbial amp up to 11 and get ready for the The 50 Worst Rock Fails of All Time...

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