There's no day more amazingly judgment-free than March 17th. When else can you throw on a skinned Gumby, chug morning stouts with a sesame bagel and not even be Irish? Only on St. Patrick's Day. To help keep the celebration live, we compiled a countdown of our 25 favorite alcohol-related rap songs that are fit for pre-gaming, boozing and tonguing the pub toilet. Let us know in the comments if we forgot your favorite joint, because—full disclosure—we were drunk as fuck when we made this list. Party, party, party let's all get wasted!!!

Words By Tracy Garraud

#25: Ludacris f/ Shawnna "Everybody Drunk" (2009)

Drunken Quotable: "Tell 'em I'm far from sober/Cause if the po po happen to pull me over/I'ma just tell 'em everybody wit me drunk as fuck!"
Complex Says: Luda's had a clump of spirited songs—he even dropped a mixtape shamelessly promoting his new cognac, Conjure—but this is by the far the most blitzed. Though the song has three versions flowing through the Internets, we toast to the original featuring Shawnna.

#24: Jim Jones f/ Diddy, Paul Wall & Jha Jha "What You Been Drankin' On?" (2005)

Drunken Quotable: "Cause you ain't drunk, nigga!/ You ain't drunk, nigga!/ 'Til that sizzurp and Henny is in your cup, nigga!"
Complex Says: For a second or a half, sizzurp wasn't just a Southern thang. Jimmy used this twinkle and bounce cut to promote his own purple punch, which jacked it's name from the infamous codeine concoction. But capitalism aside, anyone who can go shot-for-shot with Puffy must be able to hold their liquor. We're lookin' at you, Jha Jha.

#23: The Game f/ Kokane "Hard Liquor" (2008)

Drunken Quotable: "You know me I turn them 40 bottles upside down/Like niggas with dead homies till it's empty like my four pound/Niggas thinkin' I'm drunk/ Reach for my N.W.A chain and get your ass beat wit da pump."
Complex Says: Game may look like a dating show vet with a butterfly on his cheek, but after gulping some bitter beverage he's fucking girls with a pistol to their head. Whoa! Well, at least he's not crying on this one.

#22: Kanye West f/ Mos Def "Drunk And Hot Girls" (2007)

Drunken Quotable: "Stop talking about your boyfriend since he is not me/ Stop running up my tab cause these drinks is not free."
Complex Says: This slurred song from Graduation was definitely the weakest link on a classic album, but who can't relate to the sentiment? Just be sure to keep a bedside bucket for sloppy Sue.

#21: Asher Roth "I Love College" (2009)

Drunken Quotable: "Do something' crazy! Do somethin' crazy!/ Do something' crazy! Do somethin' crazy!"
Complex Says: Who better to reflect on fried and wild college nights than hip-hop's friendliest white boy. Brings us back to that one time we convinced shorty with the huge areolas to do a keg stand in our pants.

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