Anyone who has worked for longer than a summer as a waiter will have a handful of horror stories about hungry, hungry humanity. People have horror stories about waiters and waitresses, too, but only one of those people is at work. Serving is easy and serving is hard. 

For some, waiting tables can be effortless. But for others, the multi-tasking, the requisite thick skin, the bad jokes, being ordered around by customers and managers alike, the long hours on your feet, the never-ending cleaning, serving of certain dishes to the point that they seem utterly unappetizing, the drunken ass-pinches, the impatient chefs, being too busy to eat dinner while everyone else shovels food into their faces, the confoundingly dumb questions, the come-ons of men and women who could be your parents, the ever-failing coffee maker, the hiccups of the new guy in the kitchen, and the attempt to hide everything in your life with an even tone, a composed clean uniform, and a believable smile is, simply, a nightmare.    

Many servers will tell you that a year in the food industry should be required before college, like a year of service in the army. You’ll learn a lot more about your fellow man, at the least. Ask your server about the frequency of his work-related nightmares. You'll be surprised by the answer of even the most steady hand in the restaurant.

Are you doing something to make your server’s life a living hell? We’re sure they don’t mind.

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