Written By Jessica L. Pizzo

In his nearly half-century long career as a director, screenwriter and actor, Woody Allen has not been shy about disclosing his philosophy about many things. His movies do homage to the beauty of location: Paris, London, Barcelona and Manhattan have received public letters of affection. Allen's musical preferences, from Big Band jazz to Sidney Bichet and Django Reinhardt, are well known.

Less studied, however, are his artistic influences. They present broadly in range and style in his films. Whether setting scenes in his characters' homes or the ever-changing tone in their lives, there's no denying that art plays a big role in his life onscreen. Sure, you'll remember how art heavy recent films like Midnight In Paris and Vicki Christina Barcelona are, but you'll probably be surprised at what other references Allen's pulled over the years. When the reference is firm, the art plays a proper role in the film. At other times, decorative art serves to set tone and allude to style.

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