Sneaker Battles

Sneaker Battles

Sneaker Battle From Home is a show where host Tony Mui conducts a video conference meeting with two opponents from their respective homes. The two contestants go head to head in a 5 round battle, with each round tackling a different category of Tony’s choosing. Past guests have included Detroit Pistons Point Guard, Langston Galloway, Shoetubers, Qias Omar and Heskicks. No winner is chosen during the taping process, this is a showcase for the battlers to educate the public on their collection, the history behind the shoes and ultimately up to the viewers to decide for themselves who won! Co-Host Jose Melendez is also present during these battles as the neutral party to provide secondary market prices educating the viewers on how the sneakers either appreciated or depreciated over time. Now whether that influences the viewers' decision making is solely upon them! Let sparks fly and the debate begin!

Hosted by:

Jose Melendez

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