Sneaker Shopping

Season 10

March 13, 2020

Coach Calipari Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Kentucky Men's Basketball head coach John Calipari goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Oneness in Lexington, Kentucky, and talks about the school's history with the Nike Dunk, shows rare pairs, and talks about the re-release of the iconic sneaker.


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Sneaker Shopping
Tag along with Complex’s Joe La Puma as he takes your favorite artists and athletes to the best sneaker stores around the globe on “Sneaker Shopping”. Fast-paced and witty interviews with the celebrities are followed up by the guest taking viewers along while they browse for their favorite footwear, sometimes resulting in astounding spending sprees. Stars such as Kevin Hart, Odell Beckham Jr., Migos, Jonah Hill, Whoopi Goldberg and more have shared their stories, personal tastes and fashion sense with La Puma through the lens of sneakers and style. The award-winning series is Complex’s longest-running program with over 100 episodes and millions of fans around the world. Originally created for the most rabid sneaker collectors, "Sneaker Shopping" has evolved to include guests who are casual sneaker fans, where conversation is driven by nostalgia, culture and community.
  • Seasons: 10