Out of Bounds

Season 1

January 25, 2018

LeBron and Steph's All-Star Team Draft, OOB-Style | Out of Bounds

In anticipation of 2018 NBA All-Star team captains LeBron James and Steph Curry drafting their teams later today via conference call, the #OutofBounds crew conducts its own draft. NBA Commissioner Pierce Simpson starts things off with a coin toss to decide whether Gilbert Arenas or Adam Caparell gets to be LeBron and pick first. With that decided, the guys bring wildly different strategies and a lot of sh*t-talking as they select first from the starter pool and then from the reserves. Who drafted the better team? Check out their squads and reasoning and let us know.


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Out of Bounds
“Out of Bounds” brings the comments section to life. Nothing is off limits on The World’s Most Dangerous Sports Show, hosted daily by former NBA star Gilbert Arenas alongside Complex's own Adam Caparell and Pierce Simpson.