Out of Bounds

Season 1

March 22, 2018

LeBron Slams Playoff Play-In; Deion Sanders Calls All-Pro a "Fan" | Out of Bounds

Gilbert Arenas has stacks now, but early in his playing career the struggle was (relatively) real. To kick off today's show, Hibachi reveals what balling on a budget looked like before he got really paid. Next, Gil and the #OutofBounds crew weigh in on a proposal for an NBA playoff play-in tournament that LeBron James recently described as "wack." Also, Agent Zero shares his plan to fix tanking in the Association. Then, with Deion Sanders either trolling or putting his own NFL analyst work on blast by referring to All-Pro Titans safety Kevin Byard as a "fan," OOB gets real about how much game film former players in the media actually watch. And with Byard catching feelings, Hibachi turns up the heat on haters, sharing his response to anyone who would criticize his game. Returning to the NBA, the guys discuss a lawsuit that claims the Atlanta Hawks discriminate against white people. The show's "black delegation" has some thoughts on that, plus Gil breaks down the divide between front office and locker room culture, and how NBA players joke about race and ethnicity. Finally, with a trademark filed for "Big Dick Nick" — a nickname Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles got when a teammate said he was the most well-endowed player on their team in 2014 — OOB goes below the belt. How often are players looking at each other’s junk? Is knowing who's packing a thing? Looking extremely uncomfortable, Gil breaks down the D. Plus, he tells the story of the time a couple players fought in the showers. 


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