Pigeons & Planes'

In the Know: Making It

Season 1

February 04, 2020

Making It: Omar Apollo | Pigeons & Planes

Omar Apollo is a first-generation Mexican-American artist who is taking off with a sound that channels jazz, R&B, funk, soul and pop music. It wasn't too long ago that Omar was working at McDonalds, but, inspired by The Internet's album 'Ego Death,' he taught himself to play guitar, sing, and record. Now, the DIY pop star has toured America twice with the childhood friends who make up his band. As he says himself, remembering that only a year ago he was living in his friend’s basement in Indiana: “It’s crazy, you can do anything!”


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In the Know: Making It
Pigeons & Planes and In The Know's new series Making It goes behind the scenes and gets personal with six of music’s most exciting rising artists across genres like rap, R&B, and indie. Artists featured in the series include Omar Apollo, UMI, Baby Rose, Jelani Aryeh, Kenny Mason, and EarthGang. Get familiar with tomorrow's stars today, and discover what drives them to create and push creative boundaries.
  • Seasons: 2