On the finale of Get It Together, Aleali May spends the day with ASAP Ferg. The Harlem rapper introduces May to his crew of creatives and speaks to May about his early creative endeavors in the world of fashion. Ferg shows May the basement of his friend's Harlem brownstone, a creative space where Ferg spent his teenage years screenprinting hundreds of T-shirts and working on other projects. 

"This basement was my safe place where I could create. We had long talks here until we fell asleep, we dreamed together, we had parties here, and we printed T-shirts," Ferg tells May. "We literally [came] from the ground up with this."

Ferg then takes May up to the Bronx to dine with Tony Hawk at the Ghetto Gastro's food laboratory in the South Bronx neighborhood of Mott Haven. Over some good eats, May talks to Hawk, Ferg, and Jon Gray of Ghetto Gastro, about the moment they began recognizing what style was. 

"In the world I grew up in, skateboarding, especially in the late '70s and early '80s, the only thing you had was style," says Hawk. "There weren't tricks and people weren't jumping on handrails. It was all about how you looked when you rode the pool." 

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