Naomi Campbell, contributor editor for British Vogue, recently sat down with Off-White founder Virgil Abloh in Paris for a 13-minute discussion on his recent Louis Vuitton debut and the impact his previous collaborator Kanye West continues to have on the fashion industry at large.

"Well, Kanye was the guy when it was completely unpopular that said, 'I am not to be typecast into a box,' like, he willed it for us," Abloh said when asked about the emotional hug the two shared at the end of his first LV men's show. "Go back, he was like, 'We're going to Fashion Week,' this place where we can't get in. That dream is his just as much as it's mine. In my dream, it was him down the runway."

Abloh added that, in his mind, it wasn't him down that runway either. "It was the community," he said. "That show was us. That link wouldn't have happened unless I had acknowledged that Kanye stood from a mountaintop long ago and yelled, saying, 'The future of fashion will be like this!' I wanted the world to see that the guy who fought for this moment is a part of it and is uniquely linked to me doing it."

Abloh also discussed his early ventures into the fashion world with West, including this very frame-worthy photo. "This particular show, Comme des Garçons, we got out. There's only two photographers. There was no scene basically. One of which was Tommy Ton, and he takes the photo," Abloh explained. "That photo then began to rule the internet."

On being named LV's artistic director of men's wear earlier this year, Abloh detailed the legacy he's aiming to build. "They're allowing me to place my full collections in the same archives that go back to 1854, so that, to me, you can't erase that . . . I want us to be remembered," he said. "That's my goal."

See the full discussion below.