Allen Iverson is undoubtedly one of the pound-for-pound greatest players in NBA history, and we recently got the chance to sit down with the Hall of Famer.

In a wide-ranging interview with AI, he touched on a number of topics like incredible stories about meeting Michael Jordan, and crossing paths with The Notorious B.I.G. He also talked about the massive influence he's had on today's game. Like how he really knew he was a trailblazer when Kobe Bryant and LeBron James tried to channel his on-court swagger rocking an arm-sleeve.

"I know the first time... I couldn’t believe Kobe did it," Iverson said. "I couldn’t believe he did it. But the first time I got excited about it, is when I saw LeBron with the headband on and the sleeve."

One of the craziest/funniest anecdotes from the interview is AI retelling the first time he met Jordan and how MJ's surprising response to him completely caught AI off guard. 

Check out the full interview up top.