Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent's beef has gone from silly to serious real quick. After Mayweather promised cash to whoever trolled 50 the best on Instagram, Fiddy hit back hard with some heavy accusations. The two have been going back and forth on Instagram for days now, but up until this point, it's been mostly petty. With 50's latest posts, however, things got pretty dark.

"He beat 50 men, 11 women and caused 2 body's keep calling me and I'm gonna show champ," 50 Cent wrote on Instagram, referring to the numerous accusations of domestic assault leveled against Mayweather. The picture included in the post is significant to the two bodies part, which he would later explain in a follow-up post accusing Mayweather of sleeping with his late best friend's wife before she was murdered.

In 2014, Floyd Mayweather's best friend Earl Hayes killed his wife Stephanie Moseley before killing himself. Mayweather said he was on FaceTime with Hayes moments before he killed his wife, and was trying to convince him to leave her after she allegedly had an affair with Trey Songz. 50 Cent, however, says that's not exactly how things went.

"Tell everybody why you was on FaceTime when he killed Stephanie and himself," his second post on Instagram reads. "Because he was confronting you about f**king his wife. You was pumping all that Trey Songz sh*t, get the f**k outta here. You didn't give a f**k you just went to watch the ball game."

It's unclear what prompted 50 Cent to share these accusations, but it's clear he's pulling no punches anymore. Mayweather has yet to respond.