Sports reporter turned right-wing pundit Britt McHenry offered up a hot take on her tenure with ESPN in a series of since-deleted tweets Friday, claiming the sports network demoted her due to her race.

Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry says that she was demoted at the network 'because I was white' before eventually being fired in Twitter post

— Joe FreedomLover🇺🇸 (@JoeFreedomLove) May 5, 2018

“No I was demoted because I was white & I made too much. First to go. Actually…” McHenry tweeted, during a back-and-forth with several other Twitter users.

McHenry was laid off in April 2017 amid a round of cuts that saw several prominent contributors get axed. Since being shown the door, McHenry has also claimed her conservative views caused her to fall out of favor with ESPN’s higher ups. McHenry also deleted the tweets about her conservatism shortly after writing them.

The former sideline reporter made headlines in 2015 after a video of her berating a tow company employee went viral. McHenry openly criticized the employee’s appearance, earning herself a one-week suspension from ESPN.

During the round of 2017 layoffs, which roughly 100 other employees, an unnamed source told Fox News the viral video of McHenry did not factor into her being laid off.

It appears McHenry has since backed off from publicly claiming race was a factor in her demotion or being laid off at ESPN.

“I think there were a number of factors into laying me off,” McHenry told Deadspin's Samer Kalaf. “I wish nothing but the best for the people there.”