Two of the Pittsburgh Steelers' best players, wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and running back Le'Veon Bell, are going all-in on recruiting LeBron James. That's right—JuJu and Le'Veon want King James to ditch the hardwood and come over to the football field to play with the Steelers next season.

JuJu, who's a great Twitter follow, announced his "official campaign" to recruit James Tuesday afternoon. He claimed James could become the greatest athlete—not basketball player, but athlete—of all-time if he were to win a Super Bowl.

Bell, who appeared on Wednesday's episode of Out of Bounds, has gotten behind the idea, too.

LeBron, who was an all-state wide receiver in high school, is committed to basketball, though. He was asked about the Steelers' recruiting pitch at practice Wednesday. LeBron laughed when he heard the question and said the situation was "pretty funny."

Watch Le'Veon's Out of Bounds appearance—in which he discusses his contract and Kevin Love's mental health, among other things—below.