Complex News' Speedy Morman was recently down in Los Angeles for NBA All-Star Weekend, and while there he chopped it up with Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal.

Shaq recently made headlines by responding to Kobe Bryant's statement that he would have picked LeBron James in an All-Star draft. In our conversation, Shaq revealed he would have picked Tracy McGrady over Kobe if he had first choice.

The big man also addressed whether his heated exchanges with Charles Barkley on NBA on TNT are for show, or for real. "None of it's for the TV because we're not actors, but there's definitely no beef," Shaq explained. "When you're adults, you can have a heated, disagreeable argument, and still have respect for one another."

Shaq also talked about being one of the best athlete-rappers ever. Check out his full interview up top.