LeBron James wants Donald Trump to keep his bullshit away from sports.

While speaking at an Alabama campaign rally Friday, POTUS blasted Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players for refusing to stand during the National Anthem.

"Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, you’d say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired," Trump told the crowd. "Some owner will do that. That owner, they don’t know it, they’ll be the most popular person for a week. They’ll be the most popular person in this country."

A day after the rally, Trump took aim at Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry, who has been openly critical of the president.

Like so many other figures in the sports world, LeBron wasn't having it. 

Hours after he called Trump a “bum” on social media, the Cavaliers forward recorded a video message explaining why he was compelled to speak out. 

"This guy that we’ve put in charge has tried to divide us once again. And, obviously, we all know what happened with Charlottesville and the divide that caused," he said in the video posted by Uninterrupted.​ "[…] He’s now using sports as the platform to try to divide us. We all know how much sports brings us together […] and for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more is not something I can stand for and it’s nothing something I can be quiet about."

LeBron went on to applaud other public figures who have criticized Trump, insisting their words were intended to unite us rather than tear us apart.

"We got Jemele Hill, and Colin Kaepernick, and these people are speaking up, it’s for the greater cause. It’s for all us to come together. It’s not about a division; it’s not about dividing," he said. "We, as American people, need to come together even more stronger, because this is a very critical time."