Following Trump's inflammatory tweet Sunday morning which took shots at the NFL and all its players taking a knee during the national anthem, many celebrities had quite a few things to say in retaliation, including J. Cole.

The 4 Your Eyez Only rapper took to Twitter to encourage professional athletes to continue taking stands against injustices, to criticize the NFL's handling of Colin Kaepernick, and to suggest football fans should stop watching the NFL. This isn't Cole's first dabble in Twitter rants, however this time he was rightfully speaking out against hateful, racist institutions, and what sports fans can do in protest. In his attempt at creating a Twitter thread, Cole kicked off his commentary by shouting out love to his fans and to Cardi B, before delving into more political commentary. 

However the bulk of Cole's messages were directed at the role that sports fans play within the grander scheme of things. 

Cole even offered policy proposals to his followers, suggesting a special investigator be hired in order to get to the bottom of Colin Kaepernick's inability to sign with a team. 

Finally, Cole wrapped it up by reiterating the role that fans play in all of this. He alluded to the reality that money is power, and if fans choose to not watch football in an effort to take a stand against something they believe in, the NFL has no choice but to listen to them.