As far as most of us knew, Kendall Jenner and ASAP Rocky were still in the middle of a romance—at least if "being seen in public together" or "playing grab ass" qualifies as a celebrity romance these days. But there could be a new man in Jenner's world. If Rocky is still interested in the 21-year-old supermodel, he may have some competition for her affection.

According to the experts at TMZ, Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin made the mistake of being in the same building as Jenner late Sunday night in West Hollywood. And—gasp!—they were even seen together inside. This is allegedly the second week in a row they've been spotted out together in L.A., after the two reportedly left Avenue Nightclub together the previous Saturday.

TMZ's claims sort of matched reporting from the folks at Page Six, who cited several weirdos who spent their weekend spying on the celebrity duo at Gurney's Montauk, a resort and spa in Montauk, New York. These alleged sources claim to have seen Jenner and Griffin together on Friday and Saturday.

“It looks like the beginning of a new romance,” said one Page Six source, with no sense of irony whatsoever. "They weren’t all over each other, but they were inseparable," claimed another person who should question what their life has come to and probably check in with their own family once in a while.


Nevertheless, it makes for good gossip, I suppose, since Jenner never formally ended (or started, for that matter) her relationship with ASAP Rocky. Griffin isn't exactly on the up-and-up here, either; his longtime girlfriend, Brynn Cameron, gave birth to the couple's second child last September, so maybe they're both looking for a rebound here that doesn't involve basketball.

Stay tuned until next week, when we might see the duo take the drastic step of shaking hands in public. Don't let the suspense kill you!