Move over, Kevin Durant and James Harden. Lil B appeared on ESPN's SportsNation Thursday afternoon and added one more man to his roster of cursed NBA players: D'Angelo Russell. Sorry, Lakers fans.

"What could possibly happen to him that's worse than where he is right now?" host Michelle Beadle asked.

One might argue the Lakers guard couldn't have had a more troublesome rookie year off the court. By now, the world has heard how he recorded and posted a video of Nick Young admitting he cheated on Iggy Azalea. Russell has been a prominent sports punchline and easy target for three months now.

According to Lil B, however, his curse applies to only on-the-court performance. Despite coaching issues, Russell was fine in that category in his first year; he made the All-Rookie second team. Does this mean the 2015 No. 2 pick will lose the only thing he has going for him right now? Ruthless decision by The Based God.

Lil B seemed to offer an olive branch, though, and Russell took it well. This game of 21 needs to happen.





Last week, Lil B appeared on another ESPN show, The Jump, and declared Durant and Harden are indeed still bearing the weight of his curse. It's not clear why the Worldwide Leader has had Lil B on its programming schedule so much lately. They really let this dude enter SportsNation like this.

Lil B is handing out curses left and right; he can't be stopped. It's worth noting this is Nick Young's most recent Like on Twitter:

"TYBG" – Swaggy P.

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