There's not a lot that Usher hasn't accomplished in life. Not only has he won eight Grammys, sold over 10 million copies of his Confessions album in the U.S., and is now a minority owner of the NBA Finals champions Cleveland Cavaliers, but he has a mean shoe game, too. He's also the latest guest on our own Sneaker Shopping show.

Usher and Joe La Puma went to Kith's Manhattan location in New York City to see what the R&B superstar thinks about sneakers these days. One of his most impressive achievements might not have anything to do with music; it's the custom gold Air Jordans that he's received in the past. His connection with Michael Jordan himself is so strong that Usher has stories of performing for MJ. 

Being a performer, Usher has a take on the connection of musicians and sneaker brands, and he wants to know what Adidas is doing for the African-American community, given that the company is profiting of its partnerships with Kanye West, Pusha T, Pharrell, and more.

This is one of the episodes that proves that sneakers, even though they're inanimate objects, have a much deeper meaning than the leather and rubber they're made from.

To see what Usher purchased, watch the video above.