What if we told you that when Doctor Strange ran through the 14,000,605 potential scenarios before concluding that there was only one outcome which could result in defeating Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, there was another possibly successful option that he didn’t consider because of what happened in Black Panther? What if—spoiler alert—Erik Killmonger didn’t allow himself to die at the hands of T’Challa, and used his skill set to become an important piece in taking down Thanos?

When A.V. Club recently asked Michael B. Jordan, the actor who played Killmonger in the 2018 blockbuster film, about a showdown between his character and The Mad Titan, he presented an interesting case, explaining how Erik actually "had a shot" if the two were to square off.

"I think the one thing about Killmonger is he really plans his attacks, and they’re well thought out. So if he ever stepped in a situation with Thanos, he would feel confident that he had the upper hand—at the very least, he would know he had a shot," Jordan explains. "So I mean, we already know that Erik’s willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good, so I don’t think he’s ever fearful of losing his life. So I think if he ever stepped in front of Thanos, he’d already have a plan for taking him down."

While Jordan is right to believe that Killmonger is a fearless soldier and masterful taction who would use everything in his arsenal to take down Thanos, it's hard to believe that he would even stand a chance against The Mad Titan, especially once he had all the Infinity Stones in the Gauntlet. Killmonger would have put up just as much of an honorable fight as the rest of the Avengers, and there's nothing wrong with that.