Somewhere in between preparing to release five albums, Kanye had time to watch Deadpool 2, which hit theaters last month. Tuesday afternoon, Kanye tweeted about the two films starring Ryan Reynolds, noting he “heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine.”

But Kanye doesn't seem upset about this recent discovery, given his use of fire emojis and a follow-up tweet where he repeatedly praises the franchise for being innovative. I think Kanye just wants to let director David Leitch know that if he wants to sample something from Ye in the next Deadpool film, he's down to clear it.

Reynolds weighed in quickly, saying he'd have a word with Deadpool 2 contributor Céline Dion:

It's surprising Kanye found a few spare hours to watch the new film, considering he previously chucked his phone in favor of finishing up a handful of G.O.O.D. Music projects. Since only two of the five projects remain to be released, perhaps Ye's taking time to relax after his magical 41st birthday party and chart-topping eighth studio album. Kanye's already released Pusha-T's DAYTONA, his own album Ye, and the Cudi collab Kids See Ghosts. Now we're just waiting on Nas' Kanye-produced project, which drops this Friday, and Teyana Taylor's sophomore effort, coming June 22. 

While praise from Mr. West could definitely boost the superhero flick, Deadpool 2 is doing just fine in theaters, after scoring the second-biggest opening ever for an R-Rated film and amassing more than $657 million globally so far.