May the Force be with you if you mess with a Star Wars fan’s viewing experience. A nerd riot erupted last night at a movie theater in Burbank, California when technical problems left The Last Jedi viewers watching the film without sound. The theater staff was either unable or unwilling to restart the movie, bringing out the inner Karen in incensed fans, who flooded into the lobby of the AMC 16, looking to complain to management.

A brief video from the scene was posted to YouTube by Lynly Ehrlich, where you can hear customers losing their shit at the AMC staff.

Live-tweets from the incident at  paint a similarly chaotic scene.  

Apparently, AMC offered the disgruntled customers two options: they could see The Last Jedi at the same theater, but it would not be in IMAX (for shame!), or they could see the film at another AMC theater the following day at any of the available times. Fans were not impressed, and apparently things escalated to the point that Burbank police were called to keep things under control. I wonder how these folks will react when the GOP takes away their healthcare. SMH.