Todd McFarlane’s much hyped Spawn reboot is inching closer towards become a reality, and the acclaimed comic innovator has the receipts to prove it. Friday, McFarlane offered what he referred to as a “sneak peek” via Twitter. 

“Here is a tease of a (partial) early scene from the latest SPAWN Movie script,” McFarlane wrote. “Will be getting you some big news soon!!”

The teaser chronicled a brief interaction between two detectives named “Danny” and “Twitch.” Based on the preview, it's pretty clear Twitch is deadly accurate with his firearm.

During an interview with Brandon Davis of at New York Comic Con​, McFarlane confirmed the reboot would take place in New York City. That would presumably make both Danny and Twitch NYPD members. Aesthetically, the early peek at the script matches with what McFarlane told Complex about the upcoming Blumhouse collaboration in early October.

“It’s a dark, R-Rated movie,” McFarlane said. “The whole movie looks and feels real like a drama, except for one thing. This thing moves that you and I know as Spawn.”

It doesn’t take much to connect the dots and at least assume Danny and Twitch are the two rumored lead characters whose detective work puts them on a collision course with Spawn.

In light of the preview and the “big news” that McFarlane teased, fans were quick to hop in his mentions with casting suggestions and questions about the upcoming reboot.

With locations still being scouted and no casting announcements, fans will have to hope for the occasional Twitter update while the reboot is in production. But, for now, there is at least some confirmation that McFarlane's vision will be returning to the big screen for the first time since 1997.