In case Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or whatever other streaming service you may have isn't cutting it for you anymore, all you have to do is wait a few years and Apple will inject a fat wad of cash into a venture that could get you to part with a few more bucks per month for their service. We say that because, according to a projection by venture capitalist firm Loup Ventures, Apple could be backing their own original content with $4.2 billion by the year 2022. In case you need context, that massive increase would represent an enormous jump from their current investment level of about $500 million.

The aggressive funding of their video department comes as Apple is trying to rebrand their current subscription based music streaming service (which has roughly 30 million subscribers at the moment) with their own shows. In fact, Apple Music's massive subscriber base would allow them to easily jump over Hulu, which provides services to an estimated 12 to 15 million people. Finally, the projection predicts that Apple will avoid licensed content, which is obviously a different route than the one taken by existing subscription video on demand suppliers.

That same Loup Ventures report also estimates that Amazon will outspend both Apple and Netflix (who currently spends the most dough on original programming) by pumping $8.3 billion into their platform within the same timeframe. While it may sound like these enormous companies are tempting the bubble to burst (I often wonder who has time for all these originals) it also sounds like, if you have an idea for a fresh movie or series that you constantly pedal to friends and family, now's the time to put the finishing touches on your pitch.