In the wake of the disturbing allegations of sexual assault and harassment made against Harvey Weinstein, Blake Lively is the latest celebrity to speak out about the sexual harassment she has endured in Hollywood.

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Lively admitted she had "terrifying" experiences with an anonymous makeup artist she has worked in the past. Lively also revealed that producers on set did nothing to help her even after she reported the makeup artist several times. She eventually took legal action against him, but he continues to work in the industry.

"He was saying things inappropriately, insisting on putting my lipstick on with his finger," Lively told the Times of her experiences with the makeup artist. "I was sleeping one night on location and I woke up and he was filming me. I was clothed, but it was a very voyeuristic, terrifying thing to do."

"After three months of complaining, they called me into my trailer and said, 'We need to talk to you,'" she continued. "I thought, 'Well finally, they’re going to do something about this man who I had to have touching me all day.' And they said, 'Your dog left a poop behind the toilet in your dressing room and our janitor had to pick it up. And this is very serious and we can't have this happen again.'"

This inability to take action about the serious allegations Lively had presented to them forced the actress to take legal action on her own. As a result, the makeup artist was removed from the project after months of making Lively uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Lively said that he is still working in Hollywood today. "Our unit production manager wrote him a letter of recommendation because nobody wanted there to be bad blood," Lively said.

Lively’s comments come as more and more women are coming forward with their stories of sexual assault or harassment after realizing the importance of being open about the toxic culture in Hollywood after the numerous reports of disturbing behavior by Weinstein.

Lively spoke out about the Weinstein case, in particular, earlier this week, noting that despite not knowing about the allegations against him, she understands that the moment is ripe for "an uprising."

"That was never my experience with Harvey in any way whatsoever," she told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. "I never heard any stories like this—I never heard anything specific—but it’s devastating to hear."

"It’s important that women are furious right now. It’s important that there is an uprising," Lively continued. "It’s important that we don’t stand for this and that we don’t focus on one or two or three or four stories, it’s important that we focus on humanity in general and say, 'That is unacceptable.'"