A porn site is taking the term "F*ck Donald Trump" to levels no one ever wanted it to be taken to.

According to Mirror Online, xHamster is holding a contest to find a Donald Trump look-alike, one that has both "weird hair" and "small hands." Why? There's a plan for a series of Trump porn flicks to run over the next four years.

The casting call is also looking for individuals who have "the ability to make incredible deals, and bring the HUGE-ness (or “YUGE” in the parlance of Trump) of the president-elect to the small screens and tablets of our consumers."

There's truly nothing new about presidents (or presidential candidates) being recreated for porn. One of the most infamous was Who's Nailin' Paylin? which starred the enigmatic Lisa Ann as former vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

Alex Hawkins, xHamster spokesperson, opened up about the search. "There is nothing more that the American public needs that quality adult content parodies to help them understand the ever shifting landscape of their Executive Branch of government."

I'm not sure if watching a fake Donald Trump f*ck is what America needs right now, but to each their own. The question is, with Trump promising to ban porn if he was elected, will these fake Trump f*ckfests even see the light of day?