So how is the alleged "full-on dating" going between Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky? If a fresh report from the Daily Mail is to be believed, maybe not as smoothly as we might have hoped. Kari Mayers, A$AP Rocky's stepmother, spoke with the Mail about the brewing relationship and sadly didn't have much praise to offer Kendall and the Kardashian family.

"He can do much better," Mayers apparently told the Daily Mail Monday. "Everything I hear about the Kardashians makes me think they are a bad family for Rakim to be involved with. They are just not the kind of people I'd like to see him hanging around with." Mayers added that she doesn't want A$AP Rocky to be "dragged into that circus" because he's "too good for that."

But this apparent lack of a family co-sign hasn't slowed the wave of headlines surrounding the two. Speaking with Us Weekly last week, an unnamed source said the relationship between Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky was very much in progress. "It's the real deal," the so-called "insider" said. "They have lots to talk about!"

Dating rumors were first kicked into overdrive by the sleuths over at Page Six in July. Phrases like "coupled up" were tossed around, in addition to an anonymous source claiming that "hugging" and "flirting" had occurred after Kendall attended A$AP's Panorama Music Festival show. "[A$AP's] friend said that was his girl," one source said.

Will the would-be power couple prevail against the mysterious forces of cynicism? Only time will tell.