On Wednesday’s episode of Everyday Struggle, Nadeska, Wayno, and DJ Akademiks were joined by Lox member and rap legend, Jadakiss. During the interview, he talked about his new album Ignatius and the current state of rap music, but he also further explained his thoughts on Mase airing out his issues with Diddy's handling of Bad Boy Records' publishing.

"I thought that might have already been worked out," he said when asked about the situation at the 39:30 mark. "I just don't like to see that stuff go public like that, I think at this point in both of their careers they could sit down and iron it out." In 2005, Jadakiss and the Lox appeared on Hot 97 and famously claimed Diddy took a substantial amount of their publishing. Several people called in to the station to talk about their contracts, and it all culminated in Diddy calling in. The Lox and the Bad Boy Records founder got into a heated exchange, with Jadakiss threatening to throw a refrigerator at Diddy.

When Akademiks pointed out that Jadakiss previously made his issues with Bad Boy public, Jada said he wouldn't approach it the same way now that he's older. "I was a kid, we was young. If we was to reverse go back we wouldn't go on Angie Martinez right now, throw a refrigerator... That worked for us at the time, but you know after growing and becoming businessmen and business owners and things like that we probably would have worked it out differently."

He added that he thinks Mase is "cool" enough with Diddy to go talk things out. "But, he might have tried that and it didn't work, you never know with this business," he added. "I think, me from knowing Diddy from the years I know him, I think now you can talk to him. He's still a paperwork gangsta, but you can talk to him and work it out."

His comments reflect what he told MreckTV last month, where he suggested that Mase has a closer relationship with Puff than he ever did. In the Instagram post in which Mase made the issues public, he claimed he tried to buy his publishing rights back for $2 million but Diddy gave him a hard no.

When it comes to industry talk, Jadakiss also addressed his previous tweet in which he suggested new artists shouldn't get managers. "That got me in trouble a little bit at Roc Nation for that," he said of the tweet. "That wasn't even set out for Roc Nation, something happened with me and my previous manager that I was mad about. That was like the Kanye or Wale moment... On the same note, though, you need a good staff in your corner. It's bigger than just creating the music or whatever the hype is around you."

Elsewhere in the interview, Jadakiss spoke about the benefits of signing to major as well as the benefits of an artist going indie, and whether or not he cares about album sales and charting at this point in his career. When asked about his top five rappers right now, he hesistated to give any sort of ranking, but he did give shoutouts to Drake, Meek Mill, Young Thug, and Kendrick Lamar.

Watch the full episode of Everyday Struggle above. Jadakiss also released the tracklist for Ignatius, which you can check out below.