Waka Flocka Flame stopped by Everyday Struggle to talk about his come-up, why hip-hop isn't dangerous, and record labels. Early on during the chat he spoke at length about why he thinks hip-hop is "beautiful," continuing his thoughts shared in a recent Instagram clip, and he also admitted that he used to think he was a "wack rapper."

While he only signed his first record deal for "fifty grand," he revealed that in 2012-2013 he had around $30 million in the bank. "At that point in my life I was being real on my dead brother," he said at the 26:50 mark of the episode. "Why was I rapping? I'm rich, I wanted to be rich. So from that time to right now, I wanted to figure out how can I become a billionaire and a multi-millionaire off of business. Because I did it with rap. I was a wack rapper, like I knew I was wack but I was real. My realness overcame my wackness."

He went on to state that his favorite rappers are DMX, Nas, KRS-One, and Goodie Mob. "I can't rap like them folks," he added, before joking about going to the recording studio with Kendrick Lamar to see how he fares. "I'm a wack rapper but a hell of an entertainer." From there, he said that he doesn't feel "comfortable" hanging out with younger rappers on the scene right now. "I could be your big brother, why am I talking about hitting a girl from the back," he explained. "I'm too old to be rapping with them."

Near the start of the interview, he further explained why he doesn't think people should label rap as dangerous. "It's a mindset, right?" he said at 7:30. "For me, my career was dangerous because I had a dangeorus mind. But once I cleared my mind I ain't even changed the people around me. People like, 'Waka changed.' Nah, I'm just grown... Where I'm from it's dangerous. Hip-hop is a circus, man, I'm telling you. It's fun. I ain't trying to be nobody big homie or none of that, I'm talking from experience. Hip-hop is beautiful, man."

Watch the full episode above.