Fresh off the release of his new album, !, Trippie Redd sat down with Complex News' Speedy Morman for a wide-ranging interview that touched on his relationship with XXXTentacion, his beef with 6ix9ine, and how he missed out on getting a spot on Drake's chart-topping single "God's Plan."

On the topic of the late XXX, Trippie Redd explained that while they had their issues, they were able to reconcile. "At the end of the day, we always used to argue and shit, we was like some little-ass girls. But we always made up from our arguments. The last argument was very serious, but we ended up getting past it."

He also talked about the moment he found out XXXTentacion was fatally shot in Florida. "I got locked up, and then like the day I got out, that shit happened. Like literally, I'm driving to my lawyer office, and I just don't feel the vibe or the energy... I could just feel something was wrong. And everybody knew it, they knew I felt that way, 'cause somebody that just got out of jail would be happy. I wasn't really happy at all, I was just feeling weird. And we got to the building, my lawyer son came up, was talkin' about..." 

Later, Speedy brought up 6ix9ine, who Trippie Redd has had an ongoing beef with. When asked about his thoughts on 6ix9ine talking to the feds in his racketeering case, Trippie's actions spoke loud and clear:

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