It looks like things got a little out of hand during a recent Drew League game when The Game and his teammate, Jarion Henry, squared up to fight each other. The clip below, taken by Twitter user @Terelle, shows the two taking some swings at one another before Game appears to land a shot that sends his teammate to the hardwood as people rush into the court to break them up. 

The Game addressed the situation in a lengthy Instagram post, apologizing to his teammate after the loss. "I’m writing this sincere apology 1st & foremost to my teammate & lil brother @j_hennn for my role in our disagreement that went a lot further than it should’ve," the rapper wrote. "I acted out of character & although as brothers for the last 7 years & one of my teammates I definitely consider family.... there are always heated moments on the court & in our locker room but it should never get to where it got to today... so again, this is my apology fam."

Here's another angle of the incident just moments before it went down. 

The video below shows Game delivering the first shot after the two were jawing at each other, which caused the situation to escalate.

Here are some accounts from people who were in attendance when it all happened.