Some fans were upset that New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia didn't appear in Drake's "Nice For What" music video, despite the fact that her vocals opened the song. Drake did make it up to Freedia by later including her in his "In My Feelings" video, but she has now revealed that she had to hit him up in order to get the ball rolling.

"I decided to hit him up myself and was like, 'Why you didn't let me know you were in New Orleans?'" Freedia told TMZ. "And he was like, 'I just got here. Why don't you come through? We're shooting a video tonight. I want you to get a few cameos.' So I did that."

"I had to call my people at midnight to come make me up and do my hair," Freedia continued. "I made it to the video shoot at about 2:00 a.m. and we hung out until about 6:00 a.m. He didn't want me to get off the mic. He wanted me to rock the mic and the crowd all night."

Freedia went on to say that Drake didn't directly apologize for the omission in the "Nice For What" video, but this was his effort to make it up to her. She also mentioned that her inclusion in the video is a step in the right direction for hip-hop's relationship with the LGBTQ community.

She told TMZ, "It wasn't really an apology, because I guess he felt like, 'You didn't make 'Nice For What' but that's why I made sure that I responded soon as you hit me up so that you could be in 'In My Feelings.' In that video.' It's definitely a step in the right direction. I think that other artists out there should feel the same way, that no matter what your background is—no matter if you're a gay artist—that we can be able to be there just as anyone else."

Before being asked to cameo in the "In My Feelings" video, Freedia spoke to The Fader about getting proper credit for her work and not being included in the "Nice For What" video. She explained that a major goal of hers is to represent for the New Orleans bounce music scene. "You know, my voice be on a lot of different stuff and people want to use bounce music as a part of their music but when it comes to the proper recognition of me being in the video, that's something that we're steady working towards to make it happen," she said. "The credits are important but, for me, it's still putting New Orleans on the map and I'm happy with the check."

Asked about her thoughts on the controversy surrounding Travis Scott and his team for removing trans model Amanda Lepore from the ASTROWORLD album cover, Freedia told TMZ, "I think it's just horrible that just because of a person's lifestyle, that people take different turns and probably didn't want any backlash for having Amanda on there. But he's probably got more backlash that she was removed from it. The LGBTQ community supports all types of different artists and their music, and we expect the same in return."