It’s no secret Young Thug likes to play by his own rules. Especially when it comes to personal style.

The Atlanta rapper has continued to make bold fashion moves throughout the years, despite the fact that his gender-fluid ’fits have garnered varying degrees of roasting—many of which have used homosexuality as the punchline. Though Thug has consistently denied being gay, he acknowledges that his polarizing sartorial choices have only fueled rumors. And it sounds like he doesn’t regret it one bit.

In a recent Instagram Live broadcast, the 26-year-old artist claimed his fearless style is what allowed the new generation of rappers to be unapologetically themselves.

“I’m the drip god. I created this shit,” he said in the video. “I made the way for young niggas to open up and be they self. I did this. I got crucified. They call me gay; they ain’t call y’all niggas gay […] I made y’all tighten y’all jeans up […] I’m the wave god. I’m the master. I’m the founder.”

You can check out Thugger’s full statement in the clip below.

This weekend, Thug dropped a teaser for what appears to be an upcoming collaborative record with Chance the Rapper. The “Ooou” artist posted an Instagram story in which he and Chance were seen in the studio presumably cooking up a track for Slime Language.

Though Thug has not confirmed Slime Language’s release date, he recently suggested it would drop on the 15th. The 15th of July? August? Next March? We don’t know.