03 Greedo hasn’t warmed up to J. Cole. And it sounds like he ever will.

In a recent interview with VladTV, the Watts-bred rapper addressed a tweet he posted back in April that was directed toward the Dreamville MC:

Many assumed Greedo was dismissing Cole’s fifth studio album K.O.D., as it was set to drop several days after the tweet; however, Greedo insists he wasn’t specifically bashing the album ... he was bashing Cole’s entire career.

“I didn’t say nothing about his album […] I didn’t even know that nigga was dropping an album, to be real,” Greedo said. “I saw some news, saw J. Cole’s name and got mad. I always get mad. I hate that nigga’s music. I don’t hate him personally; I wouldn’t beat him up or try to start something.”

Greedo went on to say he couldn’t relate to Cole’s “dumb” point of view, insisting the North Carolina rapper was making music for the “plain old background guy.”

“I’m making music for the niggas who lost somebody in the system, lost somebody in the streets, niggas who want to show they have a heart even though we out here thuggin’,” he explained, before bashing Cole’s personal style. “[…] He ain’t getting no hair done or haircut. That man look crazy. So he gonna have these young niggas that look up to him walkin’ around like that—got my little nephews and shit lookin’ crazy. No, nigga. You should be dressed to impress.”

Greedo said he appreciated rappers like Lil Yachty and the members of Migos, as they give their fans “flavor.” He said artists who flex serve as role models to the younger generation, and inspire them to “boss up and get dope.”

“We black kings out here,” he said. “Don’t be walkin’ around lookin’ like no smoker.”

Greedo is currently serving his 20-year sentence for drugs and gun charges at the Potter County Detention Center in Amarillo, Texas. Before turning himself into authorities, he released his God Level project on June 26.

Later in the interview, Greedo discusses the current hip-hop landscape and how older rappers fit into the scene. You can check out a portion of his sit-down above.