The self-proclaimed godfather of Reggaeton, DJ Nelson, just revealed at Red Bull Musical Festival New York that he heard a Drake/Bad Bunny collab in which the 6 God was singing—in Spanish. 

We reported on the potential team-up between these two titans earlier this year, when the OVO boss and Bunny spent some studio time in Miami. In between hookah pulls and singing along to “Eres Mía,” Bunny managed to upload some evidence of the friendship to Instagram, which sparked heavy rumors that some substantial work was on the way. 

Today’s development certainly makes it seem like the pair has music ready to go—or at least, in stages that the two are willing to share with other artists like DJ Nelson. 

Just when you thought Drake couldn’t get any hotter or bigger in the music industry, the man decides to conquer the Latin music world. With the right kind of production, melody, and tone, he could most definitely produce one of the biggest songs of the summer. With a Spanish-speaking audience of millions, this is a brilliant move—one that could potentially even top his own streaming records. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see, and hopefully, hear some actual music próximamente.