Complex News' Fenn O'Meally recently caught up with celebrated DJ and producer Black Coffee while on his UK tour to chat about his upcoming album, as well as his dream collaboration. As it turns out, that dream is on a path to becoming a reality.

"I have a lot of them. But one of them, it's almost happening, which is Pharrell. We're working on a song already; we spent some time in the studio. I'm also helping... David Guetta's doing his album," he says. "I'm from the dance world, but I consider myself a producer." 

Black Coffee goes on to explain there's a bigger scope on how he identifies himself musically. That expansion has already happened with acts like Drake and Alicia Keys, and will continue to show in his upcoming work. "I think I almost got trapped into one world of being a dance music producer when I've always known I can do more," he says. "Now I'm starting to really do stuff... I'm working on a song with Yuna, working on a song with Cassie, for their projects. I'm doing something with Diplo. That's the world I want to be in. I'm doing songs; they don't have to be in the club."

Check out the full interview above, where Black Coffee also praises South London act Tom Misch ("He's bringing something much more deeper that I feel like is balancing the industry out") and talks about his collaboration with Sónar Festival.