Just as Migos—​alongside their label Quality Control Music—​began to rise through the ranks, 300 Entertainment swooped in to sign the Atlanta trio in 2014. However, instead of the deal leading to a fruitful relationship, the partnership soon soured, with behind-the-scenes issues culminating in Migos and Quality Control parting ways with 300.

In Complex's new cover story, Migos and Quality Control Music executives Kevin "Coach K" Lee and Pierre "Pee" Thomas spoke with Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins about the problems they had at 300, and what it took to make a clean break from the label.

"300 was the biggest hurdle. They tried to hold us against our will," Offset says. "It wasn't never no in-house hurdles we ever had, like where it had been a problem. With 300, that was the biggest thing, going through times and situations with them."

The hurdle, as Pee explains it, was preventing them from seeing a financial return on new releases. "For 18 months, we couldn't sell no product. Whatever that was already out, that was already on iTunes or whatever, that was cool, but anything that we was putting out, it was like we was shackled down."

An example Pee points to is "Look at My Dab," a Migos record that helped push the dance move craze into the public eye. While the song was making noise across the country, its success was stifled from the business end. "It was one of the biggest songs of that year," he says. "We had the athletes doing it. You had the kids, everybody was doing it. But you ain't see it on iTunes, you see what I'm saying? We couldn't sell it. We couldn't stream it."

Pee continues, “We got a company saying, "Y'all can't put no music out. We ain't letting y'all sell nothing. We ain't letting y'all, until whatever.”

The struggle to take full control of their destiny played out in a legal showdown, and Pee estimates they spent around a half a million dollars in fees to get out of their contract with 300.

“As soon as we came to a [legal] agreement, we leaked 'Bad and Boujee,​'" Coach K adds. "The rest is history."

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