Snoop Dogg has been busy in the kitchen with Martha Stewart as of late, but it looks like he might be bringing some soul to more than just his food in 2018. "I have always wanted to try gospel. This may surprise some people but all I gotta say is get ready for some good for your soul music in 2018!" Snoop told Billboard. 

Snoop has been known to dabble in various genres as Snoop Lion or the funky Snoop on BUSH, but one thing he's an expert at is creating those "feel-good" vibes. Whether or not we get a pure gospel album out of Reverend Snoop, he's guaranteed that new music is on the way. "Ya know I’m always cookin’ up something. I’ll have some new projects for y’all in the New Year," he said.

Snoop is hardly the first to take a stab at new genres, but he joins a growing trend of rappers branching out and experimenting with different sounds. Earlier this month, Tyler, the Creator announced that his next project would be a pop album. The thought of Snoop making a gospel album and Tyler making a pop album is something that might have been unbelievable a couple years ago, but in 2017, artists have shown us that there's no holds barred when it comes to musical creativity, and the risks taken have often paid off wonderfully. So, here's to love, light, and a Snoop Dogg gospel album in 2018.