Wiz Khalifa recently visited Complex, where he offered his thoughts on drug culture and the passing of Lil Peep. During that same sit-down with Complex News' Jinx, the Pittsburgh vet shared some details on his latest project, Laugh Now, Fly Later.

"I'm a fan of music; I listen to everything. So when you digest so much music, you have to find where you stand in the middle of all of that," he explained. "That's what [Laugh Now, Fly Later] was, just finding where I stand in the middle of everything that's going on right now."

Khalifa has been in the rap game for over a decade, so it's safe to say he's an OG. How does he feel about that? "I just embrace my position," he said. "I know fully what my responsibility is, and I play my part."

"Anybody who knows me behind-the-scenes, I just give away game," he added. "I just want people to get the easy button on how to do it."

Watch the full interview above and stream Laugh Now, Fly Later here.